Oprah, BlogTalkRadio, And The Life Of Joe Neid

December 17, 2015
Joe Neid lives and works in Arizona, where he does his best to be a participating member of his community and one who shows compassion to others. He lives there with his wife Joy and daughter Stephanie. Joe Neid is also the host of a blog talk radio program called, which he hosts every morning at 11am EST. Joe Neid is a skilled businessman who has built and led successful sales teams and served as Chief Executive Officer for three different ventures. However, he aims to be more than just a businessman.

Joe Neid's success in the business world has allowed him to travel the world and see many of the sights he always wanted to take in. His role as a speaker and trainer helped him to see more of the world. It has also allowed him to share the stage with some of the most well respected speakers, writers, and trainers on the public-speaking and training circuit. This includes Janet Attwood (co-Author of The Passion Test), Andy Andrews (Author of The Traveler's Gift), Lisa Nichols and Bob Proctor (of The Secret), and Michael Losier (Author of The Law of Attraction). He is pleased to be able to interact with featured guests on Oprah, best-selling authors, and well known public speakers.